Michael D. Stein - Imperical County Practice Area San Diego County Criminal Attorney.Michael D. Stein attended the University of Arizona Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. Upon graduation, Mr. Stein took both the Arizona and the California bar law exams and passed on his first attempt. He began his practice of law in the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office where he defended all types of criminal cases. He then moved to San Diego, where he opened his own private practice as a criminal defense trial lawyer. He has since practiced in both State and Federal courts throughout California and the United States.

Michael D. Stein is also a former government attorney.


Mr. Stein is admitted to practice law before the following courts:

  • The United States Supreme Court
  • The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The U.S. District Court, Southern, Central and Eastern District Court
  • The Supreme Court of California

Positive Verdicts and Favorable Settlements

My record has numerous positive verdicts and favorable settlements in all over of criminal law.

Crime Verdict
600 pounds of marijuana : Dismissed
400 pounds of marijuana : Dismissed
2400 pounds of ephedrine : Probation granted
Smuggling and transportation of steroids : Dismissed
Seizure of $280.000.00 drug proceeds : Probation granted
Seizure of Vehicles : Vehicles returned
Petty Theft with prior conviction : Dismissed
Petty Theft, 2 cases : One Dismissed, One Probation granted
Real Estate Fraud 595"000 Fraud : Probation granted
Assault with a deadly weapon with great bodily : Probation granted
Domestic violence : Dismissed


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Michael Stein Handles every case personally and is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for your criminal case.

“In some cases I can minimize or dismiss the charges. In some cases I can plea bargain before even going to court. Call me. I will create a strong defense, explore all options in my effort to get your charges dismissed or reduced and to prove your innocence at trial, or seek a favorable sentencing hearing on your behalf.” Michael D. Stein

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