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Have you been arrested in Imperial County or San Diego County and charged with a DUI or one of the following crimes:


Violent Crimes

Drug Crimes/Charges:

Property Crimes:


Alcohol Crimes:

White Collar Crime:

Specific Legal Matters:

Federal Crimes

  • Drug SmugglingFederal Crimes.
  • Conspiracy
  • Alien Smuggeling


  • StateCourts.
  • Federal
  • Juvenile
  • Military

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Positive Verdicts and Favorable Settlements

My record has numerous positive verdicts and favorable settlements in all over of criminal law.

Crime Verdict
600 pounds of marijuana : Dismissed
400 pounds of marijuana : Dismissed
2400 pounds of ephedrine : Probation granted
Smuggling and transportation of steroids : Dismissed
Seizure of $280.000.00 drug proceeds : Probation granted
Seizure of Vehicles : Vehicles returned
Petty Theft with prior conviction : Dismissed
Petty Theft, 2 cases : One Dismissed, One Probation granted
Real Estate Fraud 595"000 Fraud : Probation granted
Assault with a deadly weapon with great bodily : Probation granted
Domestic violence : Dismissed


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Imperial County/San Diego County – Stalking Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been arrested for or accused of stalking in San Diego? If so, you may face years of punishment in a state prison, depending upon the severity of the charges. Being accused of any crime can be frightening and confusing. It is important to act quickly and speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney who can start protecting your rights immediately. An attorney will be able to help you avoid making incriminating statements, unintentionally admitting to a crime you may not have had anything to do with.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Obstruction of Justice Defense

Interfering with the administration or proceedings of courts, the judicial system or law enforcement agencies is illegal and is referred to as the “obstruction of justice.” If the prosecution was unsuccessful in charging you for a crime you allegedly committed, they may then try to charge you with obstruction of justice, which may include a state prison sentence of up to 8 years. 

DUI / Driving Under the Influence in California

DUI, or driving under the influence, is a criminal offense that is committed frequently in California. If you have been arrested for DUI in San Diego or the surrounding areas, it is important that you discuss your case with an experienced DUI defense attorney who will be able to protect your rights and interests

Driving under the influence is commonly described as operating, or driving, a motor vehicle while intoxicated or otherwise impaired by alcohol or drugs. In California, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below .08%. If your BAC is .08% or above you may be charged with a DUI.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Sex crimes are criminal offenses which typically receive excessive media attention and harsh prosecution by state attorneys. In California, sex crimes carry the mandatory penalty of sex offender registration – a lifetime label that will forever affect a person’s job and financial opportunities, as well as his or her professional reputation and personal relationships. 

Imperial County/San Diego County – White Collar Crimes Attorney

White collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and more, are often complicated and difficult cases for both the defense lawyers and the prosecution. Many white collar cases come down to the specific intent of the person accused of the crime – and proving that intent can be increasingly difficult, particularly in cases involving computer and internet-related physical evidence.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Theft Crimes Lawyer

A theft crime conviction in California may lead to probation, fines, and a prison sentence, depending upon the value of property taken. A theft crime also will stay on your criminal record, adversely affecting your ability to find a good job or to obtain certain loans.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug crimes are serious criminal offenses that can land even first-time offenders in prison. If you have been accused of or arrested for a San Diego drug crime, you must act fast and consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer who can work to protect your rights and help you avoid serving time in prison.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

Federal crimes can easily result in heavy fines, lengthy prison sentences, and possibly even the death penalty. Federal offenses are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and federal prosecutors. If your property is considered evidence, it can be confiscated. If you are convicted of certain federal drug crimes, you will face a severe and mandatory minimum sentence. 

Imperial County/San Diego County – Violent Crimes Lawyer

Violent crimes, such as assault, murder or rape, may be the intended crime or may be the means to an end, such as a murder during a robbery or a similar situation. Because of their violent and disturbing nature, violent crime trials require an experienced criminal defense attorney who is not flustered by overwhelming evidence, a biased jury, or a tough prosecutor. You need an attorney, who, through all complexities and emotionally trying times, can persevere and help you avoid a long prison sentence or other harsh penalties.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence cases involve violence between people who are living together, such as spouses or family members. Domestic violence most often occurs with women as the victims, but men can also be the victims of domestic violence from their female spouses. Assault, battery, stalking, emotional abuse, rape, and sexual assault can all qualify as domestic violence under California law. 

Imperial County/San Diego County – Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

Juvenile crimes refer to any crime committed by a minor (a person under the age of 18). These cases are usually tried in juvenile court, but for certain serious crimes committed by minors over 14 years old, the state may decide to try the minor as an adult, where they face the same penalties an adult would.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Three Strike Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have two felony convictions, or “strikes”, on your record, you may be in danger under California’s Three Strike Law. This law makes even a single conviction a life-changing and potentially ruinous occurrence. It is vitally important to work with a defense lawyer who can defend your rights and help you avoid getting even a single strike on your record.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Pre-File Investigations

Did you know that you can fight a criminal charge even before it has been formally filed? A pre-file investigation could make all the difference in your case. Once you have been contacted by a law enforcement agency and suspect that you or a loved one is under investigation for a crime, it is important to stop and contact an attorney who can protect your rights.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Expungement Attorney

If you are having trouble getting a job or being considered for a certain loan because of your criminal record, it is probably time to look into expungement. Expungement is a process where your criminal record may be cleared or sealed, allowing you to legally deny your criminal history and move forward with your life without the worry of a criminal record.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Internet Crimes Lawyer

If you have been accused of or are under investigation for an internet crime, it is important to act quickly and work with a criminal defense lawyer who has a good understanding of internet crimes and their successful defenses – and who has your best interests in mind.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Military Crimes Attorney

A member of the military who has been accused of a crime – whether it is a regular criminal offense or one specific to the military – will be subject to a court martial (military trial) to determine guilt and sentencing.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and battery are often grouped together in a criminal charge. Assault is the attempt to or threat of causing harm to a person, whereas battery is the actual and intentional hitting or attacking of a person. An assault and battery charge can usually be brought to civil or criminal court.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Burglary Defense Lawyer

Because burglary deals with the intent of the accused – what crime he or she intended to commit after gaining entry into another person’s property – it can be a hard case for the prosecution to prove. Some other sometimes successful defenses may be:

  • Mistaken identity
  • The accused had a valid reason to be there
  • The accused person’s fingerprints were at the scene because of their allowed and valid presence at the property in the past

Imperial County/San Diego County – Robbery Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of robbery? Are you currently under investigation for this offense? Robbery is a serious crime that is a felony in California. It may be classified as both a violent crime and theft crime because it involves taking another person’s property by force, threats or violence. The typical sentence for a robbery conviction is 5 years in prison, but increased penalties may be imposed if a deadly weapon was used or if someone was injured or killed in the commission of the crime.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Violations of Restraining Orders

Restraining order violations are criminal offenses not to be taken lightly. If you are thought to be intentionally violating the terms of a restraining order against you, you may be taken immediately into custody and to jail. If you are found guilty of violating the restraining order you may face a prison sentence of up to one year and/or a $1000 fine. If someone is injured during the violation, the fine will double and you will be subject to a mandatory 48-hour jail sentence as well as future misdemeanor or felony charges.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Arrest Warrants & Bench Warrants

California bench and arrest warrants are serious legal matters. You may have a warrant out for your arrest and not even know it, turning a simple traffic stop into a trip to jail. If you think you may have a warrant out for your arrest, you should not try to handle it yourself. If you appear before the judge and try to defend yourself, the likelihood of your success is very limited. Many judges have heard the same excuses over and over and don’t want to hear anymore. 

Imperial County/San Diego County – Extradition Lawyer

Extradition is a process wherein one state requests for another state to surrender a person who has as warrant out for their arrest or is suspected of crime. Extradition can be a very traumatic process for the individual involved. Not only will you be arrested and taken into custody, you may miss work and lose wages, not to mention the embarrassment or ruined reputation you may suffer.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Aiding and Abetting Attorney

In the most general sense, aiding and abetting is the act of helping a person commit a crime or avoid law enforcement after committing a crime. To be guilty of aiding and abetting, you do not need to have even been present at the time the crime was committed. You only need to have offered advice, insistence, or help of some sort that allowed the crime to be carried out.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

Conspiracy is a very serious criminal offense that can leave a person with punishment for a felony that they conspired with another to commit, even if they did not actually commit that felony. A California felony conviction usually carries a minimum sentence of one year in state prison.

Imperial County/San Diego County – Perjury Defense Lawyer

Perjury is the crime of lying about or hiding important information while under oath or otherwise sworn to tell the truth. This can include information provided in tax returns or other legal documents. If found guilty of perjury, you may face a maximum state prison sentence of 4 years, fines, community service, and more. 

Imperial County/San Diego County – Hit and Run Defense Lawyer

A hit and run occurs when a person who is involved in an accident that causes property damage, injury or death does not stop or flees the scene. The person would have to know that they had been involved in an accident – and knowingly and willingly leave the scene – for it to qualify as a hit and run.

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